Contributor Testimonials

"To me, the female body is one of the most beautiful and powerful things in existence. Too often it's regarded as a source of embarrassment or shame for women, and that's not the way it should be. Our bodies are incredible things and we need to celebrate this! Maybe if everyone walked around nude taking photos of themselves our world would be a much more open and positive place body-wise. Nothing to wear? No worries - being naked is way more beautiful than any new dress or expensive top. In my opinion anyway :P I hope that one day every single woman feels at home in her body and is confident enough to flaunt it in all its glory." - Grace_R, Australia, 22nd September 2016


"I decided to shoot myself nude because I had never done anything like this before and I definitely wanted my first experience of this kind to be completely in my control. I am so happy to have found a project partner like Feck to encourage me to go out there and have fun! I've since changed my point of view on how erotica can be achieved. Thanks!" - N, 30th April 2016


"I had an amazing experience shooting for Feck. It was heaps of fun and a really liberating feeling being so free outside. I did my shoot with 2 friends and as well as being a great bonding experience, it lead to some hilarious accidental photobombs and never ending laughter. I really enjoyed shooting for Feck and would do it again in a heartbeat." - B, 18th April 2016


"I'm an Italian girl, experiencing the unreal Melbourne culture and lifestyle. I love the way everyone is open minded, kind and understanding, that's how the staff at Feck are too. It's a warm and elegant place filled with young dedicated people, working for a common goal. I have to say, I was a little skeptical at first because I had never done something involving being nude before. One thing I loved was knowing that it wasn't all about my body. In fact, Cassie from Feck explained to me that the project was seeking some nice and artistic shots of me with my clothes on. I understood it's about the person shooting her life/passions/dreams and I could get involved and show all of these through my images. I had my own voice and complete control over what I was doing because I was the one shooting. This also makes everything more comfortable. Overall this has been a great experience and I'm proud about how my work turned out. I told my partner everything about it and he was there helping me with the shooting most of the time. Thanks Feck for the experience!" - Dee, Italy, 1st March 2016


"So I was initially unsure about photographing myself in the nude, as I didn't really know what to expect. I had body issues for a long time when I was younger, and had trouble overcoming these insecurities. However, I feel as though my experience with Feck has really helped me appreciate my unique physical features. No longer am I worried about what other people may think, nor do I compare myself to others. This was particularly apparent when I shot photos of myself at a nude beach. While at the beach, I loved the feeling of cool ocean water against my bare skin and the warm sunshine on my body. I had a wonderful time being at one with nature and took pleasure in the feeling of freedom. Most photos were taken at the beach, and a few others at home, where I experimented with different angles and lighting. I have no regret giving it a go!"  - S, 2nd February 2016

"My current college quote is '"I just love being nude all the time". Nudity is even more important to me as I get older. Eating disorders have been a massive part of my teen years and as I heal I want to stop myself from ever ignoring my beauty in favour of instinctive fear of my natural self. I'm strong! I'm healthy (mostly)! We are beautiful. I am wonderful! Nudity is natural! No more self loathing for this girl." - C, 13th June 2016


"Feck stands for everything I believe in; confidence, empowerment, freedom, pride and art! Being exposed to something so raw was fantastic, and I would encourage everyone to give it a go!" - B, 3rd May 2016


"Being transsexual for a couple of years now, I decided to stop hiding in big clothes and enjoy myself, even though I haven´t had any surgery yet. The experience of just taking off my clothes and photographing myself was quite exciting, as it made me even more confident in decisions about myself and my body and gave me the chance to try out a kind of art I always wanted to do but never dared to." - Joscelin, 28th April 2016


"I originally called up for this project, out of curiosity and also because I was in a position where a bit of extra money would have been very handy. But as soon as I begun to learn about what was actually involved in the projects, and what the people at Feck are trying to achieve, money was less of an object and I was eager to be a part of it! All of the girls that I have met that work for this company were very down to earth and genuinely had a passion for art and what they are doing. It put me at ease, which is really important when you are baring all! Doing I Shot Myself and then Beautiful Agony was incredibly fun and something that I had never done before or really thought of doing. To step out of the comfort zone was an interesting and slightly embarrassing experience. I have recommended this to others and would continue to do so, just for the insanity and fun of it all! Best of luck for the future guys! I hope that many more people take part in these projects!!" - Cassidy_S, 11th April 2016


"Sometimes female nudity is not about empowerment or self-confidence. There are good days and bad days, moments of "I don't care" and "I'm feeling like a pink over-chewed piece of gum". But by recording them in a glamorous and unpretentious manner, not really with the intention of making a bold statement, I have gradually come to terms with my flawed self and strengthen the ownership of my own body." - H, Vietnam, 8th February 2016


"I loved working with Feck! I want a better phrase for this, but I loved the "Girl Power" behind the Feck projects. I contributed because I wanted a way to express my sexual confidence. I think it's really important that we claim back our sexual prowess as our own, and this was a super fun way to do it! Not to mention it makes for a great story." - Bella, Australia, 28th April 2015


Subscriber Testimonials


"I've been a member for one month now and wow! I get killed twice a week!!! Your Beautiful Agony project is the best erotic stuff on the web. I have become an enthusiastic fan of your page. Each sequence and each video still of the beautiful facial expressions is an erotic work of art. Please tell all of these lovely people that they are soooooo beautiful. I just love them all." - MW, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"Thank you for the whole site. It's the only site I've ever paid for and felt I was getting my money's worth. Beautiful, exciting, classy, wonderful. Keep up the great work." - AG, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"Hello, I was moved to email you after seeing the work you have produced and published. I wanted to comment on the beautiful, authentic representation you provide women. After watching one of your videos, I was amazed by how passionate the girl had been, the tasteful manner of which it was shot, and the beautiful nature of the female orgasm. It was to my shock to see a whole site dedicated to advocate for realistic representation in such a male dominated industry- and for that I appreciate your work greatly."  - J.K, I Feel Myself subscriber   


"I've recently become obsessed with Beautiful Agony. I can't even explain what it is that is so captivating about watching these people. I think that it's the stripped down eroticism. It's devoid of the usual trappings of pornography, the fake performances and posturing, the fake breasts and moans and chiseled abs that make pornography an ugly thing." - NG, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"Hello from a new French fan ! I've just discovered your marvelous project; it's a hymn to sensuality, love, femininity... I've never seen such a beautiful aim on the web regarding sexuality. My wife, who isn't usually attracted by eroticism on the web, told me that your website matches exactly with her way to enjoy feminine sexuality, as masturbation is an important part for both of us. Thanks again!" - Alain, I Feel Myself subscriber


"I would just like to say "Thank you." Your website is one of (if not the best) website out on the web that really captures a woman's sexuality and the pure art of the female orgasm. Now as a man, I watch your videos and don't think of it as porn, but more like erotic art. The women are naturally beautiful. When they let go of themselves their facial expressions and body language says it all. Bravo IFM! I will tell all my male and female friends about your site." - Edward, I Feel Myself subscriber


"Hello. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing site. I have never been able to overcome certain issues and stigmas to do with masturbation until I found your site. I have found my inspiration! Just watching all of the different types of people has overwhelmingly excited me! I cannot afford to subscribe, so eagerly await the free snippets every week. Thank you from the depths of my now pleasured heart!!" - M, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"I just watched Charlotte V's Up Close and I don't think I've ever watched a more erotic video. It was just so fantastic for me. It felt personal. It felt like I was there, close to her, watching this beautiful display. I could almost smell the erotic scents, almost place my lips on her skin. IFM, you guys rock with the photography here and surpass anything that would be considered pornography. This is truly erotic art - the up close photography." - Lockrivers, I Feel Myself subscriber

"I just wanted to commend you on the brilliance of this. This is absolutely one of the most amazingly artistic things I have ever seen put together. Originality is key, and so is the fact that it truly is "beautiful agony." I think whoever created this is quite simply a genius." - F.K, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"Your website is absolutely beautiful. Finally finding an adult site with genuine honest material is rectifying the damage done by mainstream porn, and to think that I could be a part of it is a massive turn on! I would love to contribute to!!"  - K.G, I Feel Myself subscriber


"As a normal, married, heterosexual male, I mostly despair at what passes for erotica on the internet. More often than not, it's transparently staged and insulting to the intelligence. IFM however is the first site I've come across that makes me feel "clean" in the knowledge that I'm watching real women willingly share their sexuality in a way that feels both intimate and entirely authentic. It's had a really positive effect on my relationship with my wife (because I've observed and learnt) and reassured me that men and women aren't very far apart in their desires and needs."- Chris, I Feel Myself subscriber


"Hi. I'm a new member of Beautiful Agony. I have to say this is the greatest site I've ever come across. I've looked for exactly this kind of thing for years but never found it until now. I have never subscribed to any porn site in the past but when I saw this I just had to. It is simply the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life. Thanks again and keep up the great work on this amazing site!" - Johnny D, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"Hi. I found your site rather by accident. As a published writer of erotic novels I work in a world of seedy trash, yet always try to be tasteful and erotic rather than crude and tasteless. How satisfying, therefore, to see a site such as yours which shows all the good things sex and intimacy should be about." - Robert Newman, I Feel Myself subscriber


"Guys - this is just brilliance! It's right on the cusp of being sexual and it's not quite crossing over that line. You've got your equation down perfectly, don't change it! I love your site and I love the idea of a "shoulder/head up" only display while a guy or girl is climaxing! I kid you not, it's genius! You stumbled upon some simple bump in the road. So ride it! Keep up the great works folks!!" - SD, Beautiful Agony subscriber


"With tremendous gratitude I cannot thank all of you who have created, and continue to run this site, enough. Quite honestly. It is arguably the most mature, diverse, authentic, and truly "erotic" web site to which I have ever been. I am a "veteran" of pornographic presentation in all its forms and I need to say that what you are doing here has nothing to do with pornography. Truly well done. I have been meaning to correspond for some time now and am very happy that I have finally expressed to you how wonderful this site is. Please don't stop doing the voodoo that you do so well. I will always be a supporter and should you ever find, for what ever reason, that this beautiful project is ever in jeopardy of ceasing to be... I would graciously and humbly ask you to contact me and other subscribers for help. I am certain that I am not the only one out here who would do whatever is necessary to keep this beautiful creature you have been kind enough to share, thriving. Much gratitude and encouragement." - Marc I Feel Myself subscriber