We are Nio, Gala, Laney, Blake, Mew, Sondrine, Gina, Magnolia, and Viva. They gave us cameras. We turned them on. Adjusted the light. We noted the date. We spoke. We came, hard. Over and over. And we filmed it all. Showing at the Toronto International Porn Festival in April 2017.

At Feck we make quality erotica which is rewarding for the contributor as well as the audience.

 Engage the mind in the sphere of erotic experience. Appreciate the contributor as a person, beyond their physical appearance. Show the beauty in all bodies whatever their size, shape, age or colour. Discard stereotypes and predictability in favour of creativity and adventure. Subvert all the dominant models of erotica and show women as powerful beings, independent of men. Make erotica which is culturally valuable and equally appealing to both women and men. Maintain the highest possible standard in everything we do. Be recognised as the most innovative producers of erotica in the entire world. 

“I cried a little when I first watched the sample video on your home page. This is SO incredibly beautiful. As a woman, I feel that you have helped my entire sex and gender population to be a little more free of dehumanization and objectification, as well as freed us from the Madonna/Whore dichotomy. “
— Taylor, IFM subscriber
“I want to think of myself as a powerful creature. In this shoot, I tried to demonstrate command over my own body as well as command over the viewer’s experience. I loved the physicality of this shoot and it was liberating having ALL the creative control. Here I am in all my badass, bare-ass self. Don’t mess with me”
— Rosie, ISM contributor
“I just wanted to commend you on the brilliance of this. This is absolutely one of the most amazingly artistic things I have ever seen put together. Originality is key, and so is the fact that it truly is “beautiful agony.” I think whoever created this is quite simply a genius”
— FK, BA subscriber
“ Thank you for caring about what you do. You produce the best erotica I’ve ever seen - it’s subtle, enticing, and real. I’m looking forward to this. “
— Dan, IFM subscriber